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Bound for Graduate School? Strategies to Gain Access to Highly Competitive Graduate Programs - Shared screen with speaker view
Regan L Carroll
When it comes to PA school would you recommend applying to the masters amount of programs or the medical school amount?
James C Moore
Would you mind speaking more about waiving application fees?
Michelle Leann Claxton
How should you narrow down PhD programs if you are interested in more than one program?
Megan Cox
I am looking into vet school (with the phd). Do you have any vet school specific advice?
Madeline Dillmon
Any advice on PA versus Med School?
Ashley N Miller
I’m interested in a PhD in OT but most faculty in my undergrad shy away when I say “Therapy.” Who should I talk to when asking for advice specifically funding?
Regan L Carroll
How would you recommend asking for LOR when you are planning on taking a gap year?
Selecia M Mathis
Is there a specific type of instructor that is best to reach out to for rec letters? Does asking a gen ed teacher look bad?
James C Moore
Would you say that it is better to send a written thank you letter than a thank you email?
Jackson Douglas Beachboard
I have another meeting to attend. Thank you so much for your time!
Nolan A Ragland
when do you recommend starting to study for the GRE?
Ashley Holt
If schools have a recommended but not required course for admission is it worth paying out of pocket to take that class after graduation?
Chloe Beeler
Thank you!
James C Moore
Thank you very much!