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HPSC -omics Symposium - Session 7 - Shared screen with speaker view
Scott Emrich
This has been nominated before, but be aware that this community may have little to no experience with batch submission systems. So a half -day (or full day) hands on “onboarding” workshop with HPC starting from basically zero will be much needed
Rob Williams
Would suggest a new open HPC cluster modeled on Octopus that Pjotr described. Would be for the hard core geeks perhaps; those who want their own stack and use GNU Guix for packaging. Will attach the relevant slide next.
Rob Williams
Hmm, Here is a description in brief—Debian, GNU Guix, Slurm, lizardfs, CWL and containers. IPSF might be useful.
Scott Emrich
It might be good to have a listserv where you announce this via email, and also maybe get the usual suspect PhD programs: ORII (GST and DSE), EECS, EEB, micro, etc
Josh Price
You can sign up for the general oit newsletter here. It won't be specific to HPSC, but will include HPSC information: https://utk.us3.list-manage.com/subscribe?u=a348841b15d00f4d14e00fb59&id=8a0f6d9e0d
Victor Hazlewood
Intel oneAPI toolset
Victor Hazlewood
our Mail Merge to all active users will substitute for a listserv and we don't allow people to opt out of the mail merge for the maintenance and other outages
Victor Hazlewood
our substitute for Docker containers is Singularity
Rob Williams
Might need a CITRIX system for large image analysis. We use this with MRI data sets from Duke.
Eric Carr
Genomics is a pretty mature HPC field with many PI with experience. Other fields without this history are harder. I think spatial/remote sensing tools would attract many PI.